Mercantile Insurance Brokers fills an important role in the tourism hospitality industry evolution with expertise and approach that can create unique products to protect loss of revenue. Our dedicated tourism/hospitality professionals have extensive experience in developing and implementing insurance and risk management programs for the various niches within this industry, including casino, lodges, camping sites and gaming facilities. As a result of this experience, we have a strong understanding of your inherent risks.

We are skilled at identifying and reducing risks, and in turn decreasing insurance costs. Our success is evidenced by the fact that:

  • We represent some of the most prestigious safaris
  • We utilize technology to improve our responsiveness, communications and servicing of our tourism clients

The value added services that we offer our tourism clients, play an invaluable role in maintaining the high retention ratio that we have been able to achieve. For the tourism and hospitality industry, historic as well as potential loss experience identifies loss control opportunities and service needs in the following areas:

  • Ergonomics to reduce strain and sprain injuries in material handling, coin trays, and similar operations
  • Industrial hygiene evaluations such as indoor air quality, etc.
  • Security evaluations for both staff and guests
  • General fire prevention, suppression and life safety evaluations
  • Housekeeping and other controls to reduce the high frequency of slip/trip/fall accidents. Our safety consultants and associates will assist you in reducing future losses by designing loss control programs that reflect both the needs of your operations and the safety regulations that govern the gaming industry.

The increasing popularity of the tourism industry will continue to pose unique claim challenges for risk managers. Whether your operations are land- or water-based, a greater influx of patrons and an increased work force will trigger the need for technical claims assistance in the areas of workers’ compensation, general liability and property risks. We employ a staff of seasoned claim professionals experienced in addressing tourism and hospitality industry claims.