Property Insurance


Mercantile Insurance Broker can offer advice and arrange cover for a number of risk areas under this type of insurance.

Material Damage All Risks Insurance

Provides protection against specified risks to property, contents and stock by an insured peril such as fire, theft, etc. Insurance cover can also be arranged on an “All Risks” basis.

Contractors All Risks Insurance

Provides insurance cover against any physical loss or damage to work executed on site, materials and against the reasonable costs of the removal and disposal of debris and any shoring and propping up of the works which result from such physical loss or damage. Property Assets Cover may be extended to include construction plant and equipment, temporary buildings, site huts and contents. Cover may be arranged on an annual basis or on a single project.


Provides cover for Property Owners against potential losses and liabilities that might occur due to terrorist activities. Normally Property policies exclude Terrorism cover.

Latent Defects

First-party property insurance that covers physical damage or imminent collapse of newly constructed property caused by faulty design, engineering, workmanship, or materials in load bearing elements such as foundations, columns, walls, floors, beams, roofs, and land improvements. Available to owners, developers, and contractors for up to a 10-year period.