Financial Insurance


Mercantile Insurance Broker can offer advice and arrange cover for a number of risk areas in Financial Insurance.

Business Interruption All Risks

Provides protection for the loss of Gross Profit and fixed expenses resulting from loss or damage by an insured peril such as fire, storm, flood, etc. Cover can also be arranged on an All Risks basis.

Commercial Credit

This is cover against default by creditors. You can protect your accounts receivable or specific creditors. Some credit insurance companies will also provide credit watch and receivable advisory services.


Provides protection to an employer against financial loss resulting from fraud committed by their employees or third parties.

Increased Cost of Working

Insurance designed to protect businesses in the event of an unforeseen emergency requiring additional expenses, allowing them to continue operations. For example, in the event of a fire, the business may need equipment to continue operations until the main facility and related equipment are restored.

Employee Dishonesty

Provides cover in respect of all direct pecuniary loss sustained by the Insured by all acts of fraud or dishonesty committed by an employee of the Insured.

Engineering Insurance

(Boilers, Pressure, Electrical, Lifting and Refrigeration Plant and Storage Tanks) Boiler & Machinery provides coverage against losses incurred due to sudden and accidental damage/ breakdown of machinery or equipment including consequential loss. Cover may be extended to include dismantling, transit and erection and deterioration of stock.


Provides cover for Property Owners against potential losses and liabilities that might occur due to terrorist activities. Normally Business Interruption Policies exclude Terrorism Cover and consequently separate Terrorism insurance needs to be arranged to cover this exposure.


Provides all risks cover for cash, cheques, and other defined items in transit, on the insured’s premises or in the homes of employees. Cover is subject to a number of specific limitations for the overnight premises risk. A benefit would also be payable in respect of Personal Accident assault.

Advanced Consequential Loss

This cover relates to business interruption insurance in respect of loss or damage prior to the commencement of the insured’s new business activities. Cover available on an All Risks basis.

Marine Consequential Loss

Provides protection against delayed start up as a result of damage to machinery / plant / stock whilst in transit arising from an insured peril. Cover available on an all risks basis.