Mercantile Insurance Brokers are recognised as the leading Group Insurance Schemes provider in Botswana.

Reflecting this, we currently manage some of the largest and most successful Group Insurance Schemes nationwide. What’s more, our expertise and buying power enables us to deliver the best cover at the most competitive terms.

Our Expertise

  • Acknowledged market leader in this specialist sector for more than 11 years.
  • Group Insurance schemes can be arranged for any group that comes together for a common purpose such as an Association, a Trade Union, Professional Organisation, Representative Body, Society, Club or large Employer.
  • Mercantile identifies and designs insurance schemes appropriate to the precise needs of each group.
  • Mercantile will then negotiate terms in the marketplace and select the insurer offering the best overall insurance package.
  • Mercantile handles all operational aspects of the insurance schemes, there is no need for the Group to employ additional resources.

How to set up a Group Insurance Scheme

To find out more about developing Group Insurance Schemes exclusively tailored for your members or employees please give one of our experts a call today on Just Contact Us!